The Siege of Pleasure

Best/loveliest description of drunkenness/intoxication I’ve come across, from Patrick Hamilton’s Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky:

A permeating coma, a warm haze of noises and conversation, wrapped her comfortably around — together with something more. What that something more was she did not quite know. She sat there and let it flow through her. It was a glow, and a kind of premonition. It was certainly a spiritual, but much more emphatically a physical, premonition of good about to befall. It was like the effect on the body of good news, without the good news — a delicious short cut to that inconstant elation which was so arduously won by virtue from the everyday world. It engendered the desire to celebrate nothing for no reason.

This is from Jenny’s first glass of port. Then he she has nine more, quits her job, and becomes a prositute. The book is just phenomenal; it totally lives up to the hype.