Pseu Braun


One of my favorite shows on WFMU is Pseu’s Thing with a Hook. Last year’s marathon I pledged and got her premium CD, brit fedex’d your playlist – pseu’s thing with a hook – sharp hooks vol 2, which was fantastic. Jim Noir — Key of C — stuck in my head since I heard it.

I’ll prolly pledge her again this year. Hell I listen to WFMU all day long, every day, least I can do is etc. She’s talking on the air right now, I had the auld classic radio thought of Well God I wonder what she really Does Look Like though, don’t I, and and I found the above picture, and stopped looking. This isn’t her (it’s “Katie Sue Braun, an freshman accounting major from Spearfish” — they’re at Black Hills State University) but it mysteriously satisfied my curiosity anyway. Anyway!!