Reverberating Forth from the Antipodes

Brian Boyd, Ron Rosenbaum, and Leland de la Durantaye appeared on Australian national radio yesterday to discuss the fate of V. Nabokov’s final unpublished novel. The host had the hots for Rosenbaum and didn’t use Boyd well. Boyd is the only panelist to have read The Original of Laura. He says it’s riddled with lacunae, dense, written on index cards, about 100 typeset pages long, and features entirely unprecedented literary forms. I have been ill all day. Here’s the link.

Dmitri Nabokov sounds like a lively correspondent. The host reads his emails aloud on the show, and they discuss his tendency to send messages in all-caps. He has a blog:

I have loved crisp bacon since childhood — so, now, this morning’s good news: a new brand of pig has also been cloned, on which I shall apparently be able to gorge myself with impunity due to its “heart – friendly design”.


Dmitri Nabokov.