Bitchy Little Prologue


Someone — not me — lost the mesh filter on my 3-cup bodum french press, and the fuggin manufacturer and two stores here won’t replace it. This is the ultimate thing to complain about on one’s blog.


Whatever times four hundred thousand.

This weekend I’m going to

and I urge you to go to

Will Eno’s Tragedy: a tragedy at the Berkeley Rep. They posted an interview with him that’s great. [blink] then P. fwded me Eno’s book recommendations from Post Road that are great [blonk]

This sent me scurrying to where I bought $1.00 copies of Barry Hannah’s Captain Maximus, Lish’s Epigraph, and The High Traverse by Richard Blanchard. Maybe I will post 8,000 word poem-responses to each page of each novel over the course of the next eighteen years. After I quit my job and start eating an eighth of mushrooms every sabbath morning, naked in a rented rural one-room internet cabin, etc.

Occluded personal remembrance here

Dietary HTML supplement here

I move at the end of the month. I might try to build a replacement mesh bodum three cup french press filter out of an old screen door or something.