Snax I

If anybody is put off by meat-talk, or by intrusions from self-conscious minority bloggers, I’m an administrator for this blog and can remove this entry should there be any protest.

Once, as I was about to take a picture of a green pea coulis (or a bowl of birria or some such thing), my girlfriend said to me, “Is that an Asian thing, taking photos of food?”

First of all, I’m not Asian. I’m not even a man.

Secondly, maybe. I can’t purport to speak for all the various peoples of Asia (again, I am not Asian. I am a German subcompact car), but if amateur food photography is not an Asian prerogative, then uploading food photos to Flickr sure as hell seems to be.  

In any case, here I am prattling on about what it means to be a 21st-century Asian fatty, when all I meant to do is introduce my upcoming weekend culinary adventure mini-series here on GJ: Rib Cookin’ with the Duke.

"Pork chop" by an Asian woman on Flickr