“A note from Dixon Devore”

Who is Dixon Devore?

Myspace helps:

Been writing songs since the Mayflower docked. Classically trained Pianist. Was a staff writer for a major NY Publisher. Wrote “special” material for NY Nightclub acts. Have had successes and won Awards for work in the Children’s Theatrical Musical field. Several Authored Musical Plays staged and performed at various Elementary schools around the country.
Have turned of late, to writing Country songs because Country fans actually “listen” to the words. Am both a lyricist and a Composer. A Producer, A Music Publisher and an Indie Record Label Owner.
Currently reside in the pristene forests of Southern New Hampshire. Currently have 12 Albums–all containing Dixon-penned songs…performed by various Artists– with 57 different Digital Distributors.
To hear audio samples go to: http://cdbaby.com/all/devore

Scott Williams played him on his show today. It was great.