Engorged RSS

I finally figured out RSS and so I’m reading lots more news. I do feel more informed, although the idea of consuming as much news as I am on a daily basis for a prolonged amount of time is exhausting. It’s good though because previously I was pretty NYT and SF Gate –centric, and now I am sort of triangulating b/w those two and Sac Bee, LAT, Guardian UK, BBC, and more blogs. Politico is a newspaper! This is really dumb. Decatur, Georgia was great. Hopefully Quoinstone will post a badass picaresque update; I’m skronked from putting in a near 12-hr day today and so I can only write about Diet Wheat Thins. I was walking my bike down Valencia b/w 22nd and 23rd tonight and a dude in front of a new restaurant handed me a tiny paper rammekin filled with South American seafood soup. It was good. I thought about how I hadn’t backed up any of my files and was carrying my computer — and then I thought about this terrifying article on SF robberies. Zizek is playing a solo  set at City Arts and Lectures on Thursday, is anyone going? Can you office drones recommend any carpal tunnel syndrome preventative activities? As I was driving the rented Kia from Decatur to ATL alone and exhausted on Monday morning around 7 a.m., the roads were empty and lovely. Very loud insects, trees overhanging everything. A white DJ played great blues, including a song about “Decatur women.” When she briefly became annoying I switched to the college station, and enjoyed Why? for the first time (having previously found them obnoxious, esp. opening for a rock band [Deerhoof?] at BoH.) I filled the tank up at a Shell station one exit before the airport, where I also urgently evacuated my bowels. Click here to learn more about my bowels, sorry, sorry, just kidding. I didn’t bring anything fun to read on the trip. In the airport I bought a dated (Olympics issue, pre-Olympics) Runner’s World, the Monday New York Times (here comes Gustav, the GOP convention will be quiet) and a heinous Kiera Knightly edition of Atonement. Delta has a in-flight trivia game where you get to pick a six-letter handle and play against other passengers. Playing as QUILTY, I dominated for several rounds, until I accidentally turned off the console and then gave up. The first 30 pages of Atonement are superb, though I might have to redesign the cover using electrical tape if I’m going to take it out in public. Today I finally donated to the Obama campaign; I also signed a petition to have St. Paul police drop charges against Amy Goodman.