a rash of fumes

I continue to get nothing at all done whatsoever. Helen DeWitt’s blog appeared. This interview with her was interesting, but since I was “busy” I had to burn through all the interesting parts. Same reason (“busy”) that this paragraph won’t be thoughtful or well-considered and will also feature the phrase “or whatever.” A recent post of DeWitt’s made me buy $1 copies of Hawksmoor and Riddley Walker. I got a light-headedly convincing SPAM email with this link in it: http://www.horrorregionalhospital.com/frank-stella/. Sports Basement is the best place in San Francisco to buy running shoes and camping equipment. They let me exchange my shoes even though I’d lost the receipt and run six miles in… them. Hey, don’t you wish you were a British philosopher-tourist in San Francisco? Or just a nother sort of British guy, in Britain? Instead of just an American Acid Casualty Office Worker in San Francisco? Are any readers of this blog doing acid on New Year’s Eve? If so, please be careful — you could damage your minds!! Why am I so apalled and emotional about Israel’s air-strikes on Gaza, when I hear about similar horrors every day from other corners of the world? Don’t answer that. Is it something in the strident tone of the Israeli voices I’ve heard defending the attacks? Have you read A Problem From Hell? I heard an interview on the BBC this weekend between a Palestinian woman in Gaza and an Israeli in Jerusalem, moderated by a British reporter in London. They were arguing until rocket fire sounded loudly in the background of the Gaza woman’s call. The terror in her voice was awful. She shakily tried to continue her answer until more explosions interrupted and the British interviewer urged her (twice) to find safety. Then he asked the Israeli if this changed his opinion at all, if it put a human face on the problem. The man responded, indignantly, and unconvincingly, that as far as he knew Israel was only hitting Hamas targets.