blogs in brazil

Blogs are great! I walk around São Paulo making observations and thinking of witty things I can say about São Paulo on my blog. Fuck that!!! That’s not gonna fly this time. I bought a disposable camera because I was inspired by a piece of “street art.” I had to pee for a really long time. I have a funny story written in my mind that I’ll tell you soon, where I compare a Brazilian restaurant I didn’t eat at — to an American restaurant I didn’t eat at! I don’t speak Portuguese. I am so alone. But not for long, because I am going to call my friend “Jorge” (names have been changed) on his “Argentinian” (non-Brazilian south american country names have been changed) “pager”! (names of electronic communication devices have been changed). I am no longer stressed out about my debate. Nothing matters anymore. I have a piranha in my tear ducts. J/k