do not use the dry cleaner on the corner of precita and mission

I’m sorry, I hate sounding like an entitled yuppie dry-cleaning piece of shit, but I gave these people some clothes on Saturday, they said it’d be ready Tuesday, I go in there Wednesday morning, this morning, the day of my “big event,” when all I want is to grab my clothes on my way to work and the little bunchkins have lost my pants!!!!!! I have worn these pants three times, and each time was like wading waist-deep in the nude through a pond of PomWonderful, or yoga-flavored Kombucha. I need these pants for tonight. They told me they maybe are just not ready yet, all of their heads are so far up their own asses it’s a bonafide world-medical event. They’ll probably be ready by one p.m.. I felt precisely like this dude. many thanks to breadstixx for alerting me to the precedents to this phenomenon