I am in Brazil

I was all excited to pop in to my hotel room for a sec and write whimsical narratives about what I ate and saw and did today, but then WORK EMAILS took little poops on that feeling. Everything’s fine, I love work. I’m just being a little Southern Hemisphere bitch!!! don’t worry about it. Rather than finely craft a lovely narrative about what’s been going on I’m going to just JOT DOWN SOME NOTES because I love you, romantically, and then I’ll write something more finely tuned and sell it to this new magazine I’m starting because of the economic downturn called THE BOUNTY HARMER that’s more of a zine out of my new sublet in the Midwest or Peru or wherever I go when I leave my “current” life in women’s publishing.

I took really pointless, cute, baby-journalist notes on things but I’m not referring to them now. I’ll save those for the BOUNTY HUMPER piece.

I am in Brazil. I think that’s it!

Talk to you later,