so far san francisco is amazing

woke up at 7 a.m., my room covered in chinese food and little scraps of brazilian batshit. cleaned my room. discovered that my roommates HADN’T eaten all of my gala apples and soymilk, as I’d suspected. So far, San Francisco rules!!! Went for a short run — my increasingly “classic” bernal park loop. Ate some of my nasty, burnt homemade granola I am ploughing through (I made a lot). San Francisco is weird!! The culture here is very diverse. I am really digging into it! Bought an SF Chronicle b/c I didn’t have exact change for the bus fare. Sat next to an old man on the bus. He got off at 22nd St. Where was he going? This city is so alive! Got out at my usual stop — 20th st. There were a bunch of crazy stores, standing side by side on the street like a bunch of “soldiers” in an “army” (NOTE: This is figurative language). Got to work, “got settled.” Current mood: settling back in. Breadstixxxxx drank all of my green tea. That’s more like it. NOTE: The green tea was in bags, so it’s a little awkward to say he drank allĀ  my green tea. Because “my” green tea was in powder/bagged form. More accurate to just say he “took” my tea, brewed it, and then drank his OWN tea. He TOOK my tea, but DRANK his own. I’ll be speaking on KALW’s “Philosophy Talk” program tonight at 4 a.m. to discuss the ontological problems of “stealing tea.”