bersa discos


tommy had this book, it looks awesome


quoinstone sent this, it’s fun

I’m feeling uninspired, Internet

you little Internet, you

Jawbone’s inspired

keep it coming, bro

Listening to the radio, I became psyched about a litany of remixy cumbia things:

  1. Uno
  2. ***
  3. &&&
  4. #$#

Facebook has been cracking me up

James Crabtree sent a message to the members of Prospect Magazine.


Prospect’s next edition is in a railway station near you next Thursday – and its a cracker. We’d like your thoughts on the cover. Its a toss-up between two great essays.

Option 1 – A strikingly original political argument from Britain’s hottest new thinker, Phillip Blond, on “Red Toryism” – the argument that, in response to the credit crunch, conservatives should veer radically to the left, and introduce a local, anti-business politics that breaks-up TESCO and turns back the market. But perhaps its too political for some people’s tastes?

Option 2 – On his 200, celebrate Darwin with Adrian Desmond’s superb piece on the little-recognised importance of the anti-slavery movement in Darwin’s moral thinking. But perhaps people have had a bit much Darwin fatique already this year?

Which cover option – and image – do you like best?

The Blond cover –


The Darwin cover –


Go here – and anser this one question, to let us know what you think

It’ll take about 10 seconds of your time, and we’d appreciate it the advice.


ps – can i stress those jpegs are early mock-ups, not the final options. We’ll send the final choice in a day or two.
pps – in the next issue we also have brilliant essays on Iran’s revolution at 30, the secret behind Gaza, the real importance of Sam Huntingdon, “public service narrowcasting”, and why, despite the best efforts of CSI, we still fear pathology. It is, even if we say so, a really strong issue.

get the fuck off my lawn