• I dunno, I like Karl Stevens.
  • via wfmu: mc hammer’s twitter, shaq’s twitter, wfmu’s twitter. Predictably, I only post fathomless nonsense.
  • I wish Greta Gertler would tour the West Coast instead of Europe. I don’t live in New York City.
  • this weekend I forced my friends to watch Wizard People, Dear Reader in its entirety. I love the notion of marijuana; I love its “aura,” but in practice it just turns the free-flowing vectors of life painfully around my neck in a suffocating reflexive ego-swirl. You know??? Anyway, as much as I love WP, DR, I think I’ve now overdone it and I’ll have to wait at least 2 years before watching it again. (The lazy can preview it on youtube, but I highly recommend viewing it properly.)