The video for part of the Literary Death Match thing from the other night is online. I really need to get my weird rapper affect under control. It starts around the 0:45 mark:


Just kidding, that’s Too $hort, not me. Here’s the real video; why am I an intern for P.O.S.? This is painful to watch. My future grandchildren are blind and sad.


In more semper ubi sub ubi–styled rap-ggrandizement (???): Quoinstone is paraphrased and Quilty is Quoted on Pitchfork! And, most importantly, NewVillager is jocked, mightily! If you have eaten food at any point in the last six months, I can’t urge you strongly enough to download this track–strongly enough. Strongly, enough. “Keep it coming, boys.”®

And Finally: if you are in New York, the irrepressible Stephen Elliott’s new web-thing Tha Rumpus is having a great-sounding event:

Music by Will Sheff from Okkervill River and Timothy Bracy of The Mendoza Line

Comedy by: Kristen Schaal of Flight of the Conchords and Michael Showalter from Comedy Central’s Stella

Readings from authors: James Frey, Andrew Sean Greer, and Jonathan Ames

and Post It Note Reviews by This American Life’s Starlee Kine

Hosted by Stephen Elliott, editor

Purchase Advance Tickets Here:

Click here to take SFCC’s automatic Spanish Placement Test.