blaspheming the shrew

stock apology for not blogging. I’ve been moving, traveling, working, and not working.  I’ve forgotten how to work. What do I need to do again? I click on the shit, but then what happens after I click? I have to, like, highlight the text? I can’t remember. Lemme know.

Yesterday went to Kamei Restaurant Supply, more or less lost my shit completely. Maybe my favorite store in San Francisco. Very cheap, thrift-store comparable prices (for some stuff), amazing selection. I always thought of the dish and glassware at Japanese and Chinese restaurants in the same category as, like, movie actors  — I’m deeply intimate with them, but I can never bring them home. They’re for me, but not at the end of the day. They have their own homes. I’m just “hiring” them for a fun night out. But now, with Kamei Restaurant Supply, my shack can have its very own collection of weird rice bowls!!!! Kamei Restaurant Supply lets you take the Renee Zellweger home with you — forever. I bought a rice cooker. I still haven’t lit the pilot light on my stove, so the Sanyo is getting a workout. I am afraid I am going to blow myself up if I light the pilot light. This is what you get for asking me to start blogging again. Blandishments!!!

Let’s end with  a two-item list.

P.S. I am getting rid of a very nice queen bed before Saturday, lemme know if you want an insider’s friendship discount. Serious offers only


Also my Will Sheff / City Arts and Lectures interview aired on Sunday!! I heard almost all of it. I sounded profoundly nervous, but Sheff is a great talker and the whole thing  makes for a “good listen,” I hope/think. They edited out the kid in the audience who, as his “question,” recited the lyrics to an entire song, which was probably a good idea. Anyway it’s airing again tonight at 8 on KQED. bye