reggae snail

spoiler alert! I’m super tired and swamped at work today. It is Sunday. Thank you for visiting my home page. For deeply, deeply personal reasons, earlier today I googled the text string “reggae snail,” and found this song by Israeli pop master Arik Einstein:


I wouldn’t mind playing drums like this in an Israeli pop band. Anyone?

I was happy when, after the video had finished playing, youtube “somehow” “automatically” took me to a new song, this time by 15/17-yr-old Colombian psych “visionaries” Ana y Jaime! I didn’t know youtube had this feature. Now I’m being carrommed (spp) around psychy little corners of the net. I am tired.

This Cory Doctorow quote on the Dizzies hits close to home:

The programmers who wrote your word processor type all day long, every day, and they have the power to buy or acquire any tool they can imagine for entering text into a computer. They don’t write their software with Word. They use a text-editor, like vi, Emacs, TextPad, BBEdit, Gedit, or any of a host of editors. These are some of the most venerable, reliable, powerful tools in the history of software (since they’re at the core of all other software) and they have almost no distracting features — but they do have powerful search-and-replace functions. Best of all, the humble .txt file can be read by practically every application on your computer, can be pasted directly into an email, and can’t transmit a virus.

bye now