tiny sundries

  • reminding myself to take a look at this sometime
  • if you hate smoking marijuana, and then tonight get seduced by fun-loving hipsters to smoke some pot, and it gives you insomnia, like it always does, and you’re twitchy and you couldn’t possibly eat another pb&marshmallow sandwich, and it’s 2 a.m., why not crank up old 88.5 FM (in the bay area) or the live stream and listen to the final broadcast of “my” interview with Okkervil River’s Will Sheff! That’s tonight, 2 a.m. PST. What is the point of all this self-promotion? The genre of blogging has self-promotion as one of its automatic and well-worn grooves.
  • I’m stoked to watch Plebiscite moderate his 826 panel — in 8 minutes!
  • Today I finally ended my week-long borrowed-car shopping spree at Mission St’s BigLots! I’d never been in there. It’s like a dessicated, apocalyptic TARGET. Awesome.
  • PG&E is going to inspect my gas connection and appliances this Tuesday, so I’ll wait for them turn the oven’s pilot light on. This means I am going to get heavy into Rice Cooker Cookery this week. I’m actually really stoked about this!!

  • also very stoked to see Malkmus tonight!
  • I might try to write an article about this. I guess normally I’d try to be circumspect about saying something about a potential ‘scoop’ before following through, but I want them to get as much press as possible, so we should both write about them. I just applied for a press pass to see their presentation next month at ETech! I don’t know what I’m doing!!!