pounded into pumice

DOUG: [On phone] Can I get an order for pick-up?

JANET: [Separated by a wall; on phone] Go ahead?

DOUG: I’d like a salted pumice sheath, eight crabtree and evelyns, and a dickless massage?

JANET: [Writing it down] One sheath… crabtree and evelyn, and… We don’t have dickless massages today.

DOUG: OK… do you have steamed BBQ pork buns?

JANET: Yes. Are you vegetarian?

DOUG: [ashamed] Yeah….

JANET: [Laughing; she is perfect] That’s OK, I’m joking, we have them.

DOUG: Thank you.

JANET: OK, that’s gonna be… $42.36. Pork is expensive.

DOUG: I understand. Thank you.

JANET: OK, ten minutes, bye bye!!!!