I was totally blown away by Ariana Reines’s reading last night. I should have bought Coeur de Leon; I will eventually. Her essay “Sucking” talks about The Cow. I enjoyed the section on “Typographical Errors”:

There are errors in THE COW.  Some spelling errors, punctuation problems, and wrong line breaks.  The actual bookmaking part of THE COW happened very fast.  The layout was done by Rebecca Wolff, who is a great person and who kept my text in Arial, which I wanted.  When a book is laid out there are errors that need to be fixed because it is transferred from one size page onto another size page, from one software into other software.  I never got a bound galley and I never got to see the final blueline. Everything happened very hastily, with late nights and early mornings, at the last minute.  I should have insisted on certain things.  Rebecca is a great person so I did not feel oppressed and I did not insist.  I am sorry.  A partial list of typographical errors in THE COW can be found at

Have you ever read Semiotext(e) books?  They are full of typos.  I love some of the Semiotext(e) books.  The typos make them feel really urgent and hastily made, like samizdat.  And I really like that feeling.

Ronnie Bronstein:

People should be as hard on the films as the films are hard on the audience. I wanna live inside of a culture where that is not just acceptable. That is par for the course.

See FROWNLAND this weekend in L.A.:

April 23rd: 9:45pm April 24th: 7:30pm, Midnight April 25th: 5pm, 9:30pm April 26th: 5pm, 9:30pm Double feature with THE PLEASURE OF BEING ROBBED by Josh Safdie At Cinefamily:  Brand new interview with director Ronnie Bronstein:

It wasn’t like I made it to get the money back, the same way you don’t go on vacation thinking you’re going to get the money back.

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