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My computer ran out of juice last night before I  had a chance to research the election. I don’t really have time to write out a long, loving game-plan today.

The L.A. Times says yes to all six props, except for 1B (as does the Sac. Bee).

Most of the measures on the May 19 special election ballot would help California begin to climb out of its current budget mess while laying a foundation for later, more thoughtful and more far-reaching reform.

The Chronicle votes yes on all the propositions

The Guardian opposes all six propositions!

The proposal may address (most of) this year’s budget woes and keep the state running for a while, but it will create a fiscal straightjacket on the order of Proposition 13 that will damage California and undermine any progressive policy hopes for many, many years into the future. If the voters accept this deal today, they’ll come to regret it.

Here’s another progressive, across-the-board no-on-all-six opinion

good luck out there