Sonora Review 55/56

I have the supreme honor of being a coworker of Mr. B. McM., who designed and Garfouled issue 55/56 (and many previous issues) of the Sonora Review. I just scored a copy of this double issue, and I experienced a physical, physiological (inner, heavy, shimmering) curtain of real excitement and sadness in beholding it. In addition to lots of great-looking stuff — stories by Aimee Bender, Etgar Keret, double-cover by Matt Furie, interviews with Ben Marcus and Junot Díaz — there’s also a 100-page tribute to David Foster Wallace, who, as editor Michael Sheehan notes in his introduction,

received his MFA from the university of Arizona in 1987, and while here worked as Fiction Editor on the Sonora Review…. To say Wallace was one of the most important members of the journal and of the MFA program, measured in terms of the work he’s done since, would be  a fairly serious bit of understatement.

I haven’t had more than a minute to read beyond the table of contents — essays by Sven Birkerts, Glenn Kenny, and Michael Martone; recollections by Charles Bock, Eggers, Franzen, Kalfus; an interview with T. Bissell; A conversation b/w R. Moody and Michael Pietsch called “Editing Wallace”; an uncollected DFW story from SR (“/Solomon Silverfish/“); and an (intensely personal, at first glance) portfolio of collages by Wallace’s widow, Karen Green. I may write more about the issue as I make my way through it; more likely I may just urge you to buy your own copy directly from Arizona by sending funds here.


I was depressed and re-convinced of the need to support university-affiliated literary magazines by reading this.

N.B. There’s also a DFW memorial fund at Illinois State University.