thoughtful man at the dog park


I used to listen to this song on repeat in high school. “blow, nancy, blow!!” was a popular refrain heard among a certain peer-group. (rediscovered via the sfmoma blog)

for a good time click here

I just downloaded this for no reason


since getting a dog, I sometimes catch myself actively looking for dog metaphors or analogies or wisdoms. I become a thoughtful man at the dog park, gazing into the dogs, trying to formulate cliches. “Look at them sniff each other. Just like punx at a rock show”.  [sound of breeze softly making out with windchime]. The only time my dog growls is when you try to push him off the bed when he’s sleeping. Then he’ll give you this intense, guilty look of contrition right afterward.  I do this, too:  people try to “push me off the bed,” then I “growl” and give an immediate “look of contrition,” etc etc.  This blog post is insufferable; back to work

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P.S. I can’t remember why I saved these two links for future reference:

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