• siltblog “picks up the ‘mantle’(s)”!
  • this morning I took the ferry to san francisco from my dad’s and was a grouchy faux-harried commuter. The 8:20 boat had SOLD OUT even though it hadn’t yet departed, so I had to wait for the 9:15. Then starbucks wouldn’t let me use their internet unless I had a “starbucks card”. Then the newspaper machine wouldn’t accept my money. I am such an insufferable yuppie!!!
  • perceived slights, I have nothing to complain about. I came home drunk on saturday night and looked at facebook, it was surreal seeing “status updates” about stuff like missing the ferry and tylenol p.m. adventures all up-butting I mean abutting ultraviolent/upsetting footage of street protests in Tehran.
  • “Thoughts”
  • “More thoughts”
  • “Hey, did you get enough sleep last night?”
  • “No…”
  • “Me neither. Let’s be healthy”
  • [smiling] “OK”

New comedy habit: saying “thanks” at benignly inappropriate times. “Hey man!” “Hey!” “How’s it going!” “Pretty good! How about you?” “Good!” “Thanks!” [riotous laughter followed by applause]

I smoke tongues like spliffs; I was banned from freestyle competitions when the board found out I went to private school. I wear my necktie like a thong and wear a cummerbund bong / I’m sharia le’boef, this is my marzipan song: Ohhhh, nooooh, the Noh theaters of Japan are cloooooosssedddd for the niiiiightttttt