“no more friends”

CAROL: [wrapping up the interview] And I LOVE your whole “no more friends” thing. Can you explain?

HENRY KO: Fuck you. Sure. I don’t want anymore friends. Or any of the current ones. I plan to be misanthropic and alone for the rest of my days, starting now.

CAROL: But don’t you sort of need your friends? Friends aren’t a luxury, you know — you rely on them for sanity, for help, for all sorts of things

HK: Do you not know what i mean when I say “fuck you,” or “fuck off”, or “leave me alone,” or “please, please pay attention to me, so you can see how much I hate you”? [starts crying. intentionally rubs mucus all over his flannel sleeves]

CAROL: Do you want some of these leftovers? I can’t eat them

HK: [Still crying, eats all of CAROL’s leftover Chinese food]

CAROL: There. I also have tickets to the Neu! show tonight….

HK: [Crying] Can I have them?

CAROL: Sure you can, bunny. Here.

HK: And the Fassbinder film? Do you have tickets to that?

CAROL: It was sold out, but I can try to pull some strings…

HK: Thank you. Fuck offโ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”

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