The New Dark Ages

  1. Very important: vote for NUMBER 6
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  3. This is a fun, flirty, quasi-Bassistian interview with Friar Br. Styxxxxxx. Someone needs to make Br. Bxx some “new websites” ASAP. And I’m NOT talking about “this kinda website”
  4. Last night I watched ep. 1-2 of Twin Peaks for the FIRST TIME. I smoked a tiny amount of marijuana, and it made me a tiny amount of stoned. Tiny paranoia, followed by the requisite tiny amount of insomnia. I shared a cab home with Wholefoodzzzzz. After he got out, I spoke with the cab driver, who lived two blocks away from me and he decided then and there that I would be his last fare of the night. He said he was looking forward to drinking a glass of wine, smoking a little doobie, and watching TV. I recommended Twin Peaks to him, and had trouble explaining what it was. In turn, he made a strong case for Showtime’s Weeds. He also reported that he was surprised by how much he loved The 40-Year-Old Virgin. He speculated that it may be the funniest movie of all time.When I got home I looked at Ben Jones’s New Painting and Drawing (its day-glo surfaces slide back like secret motorized panels to reveal a suprising depth) (maybe I was more than a little stoned?) followed by Umberto Eco’s “Toward a New Middle Ages,” in On Signs (Marshall Blonsky, ed.).dsc00317

    New Painting and Drawing contains a very trace amount of text; there’s an epigraph from Polvo’s “Every Holy Shroud”, which includes the line “celebrate the new dark age with us.”


    There’s a note at the end of the book that also refers to a new dark age; Jones’s recent show at Deitch Projects has the same title. Then I remembered that Eco essay. Then I fell asleep.

  5. Last night at least 4-5 people made variations of the “womp-wommmp” sound that you make to simulate a deflationary trumpet sound effect when something deflationary happens. I’d like to make that sound now, on this web page. Couldn’t find it on you tube. womp wommmmpp

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  1. i totally watched twin peaks for the 2nd time that night too. though i would have to verify this through my twitter account. which is not loading.

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