Froze Janiveer, Cleaner from Venus

Froze Janiveer

Leader of the year

Minced pies in van

Calf’s head in rear

——Charles Churchill,

English poet (1731-64)

[via Martin Newell]

(who? who?)

Hogarth skewers C. Churchill
Hogarth skewers C. Churchill

AQ: Everything you say is hopelessly opaque. The same can be said of all your friends from college. I never know what any of you are talking about.

QA: How’s this? I had heard of Martin Newell but I’d never heard his music. Then I downloaded his cassette recorded as Cleaners from Venus, and Songs for a Fallow Land. Links above. (“Who?”) They’re both brilliant. It’s my favorite kind of eccentric brilliant trembly british pop. It’s clear that GBV and Ariel Pink both owe this man a lot. I was just struck by that poem when I was offhandedly scanning the man’s current NEWS section of his website.  and so I pasted it above.

AQ: You’ve barely listened to each record once. You’ve read none of his website, except the poem.

QA: I love the websites of old brilliant acid-casualty British popsmiths. Wreckless Eric’s got another fine example of the genre: home-made, awesome, unhinged HTML rantings…. Julian Cope’s new site’s a bit too slick to qualify. I wonder what Ivor Cutler‘s self-maintained website would’ve looked like.

AQ: [Sleeping, snoring]

QA: Back when I thought about what screensaver I used, in college, I had just become excited about 18th-century England. I dumped a bunch of high-res Hogarth engravings into a folder for my computer’s screensaver to cycle through. The above image was one of those. Never occurred to me to wonder who Charles Churchill was.

AQ: Still doesn’t. [A pause.] I’m eating a gold-foil-wrapped chocolate dinner bell for dinner. [Listening with head cocked to Martin Newell’s version of “Late Night,” on Songs for a Fallow Land] Who sang this song originally? This is a Syd Barrett song.

QA: You’re right. And so forth