Clubhouse — Keep Out!

Hey guys head’s up it’s come to my attention that there’s been another “Gamblesong Breach,” meaning that someone other than my best friend Parker is reading this blog. I don’t know how many times I need to post warnings like this but if you’re not Parker then please log out!! This is a private diary blog intended for the sole use of Parker and myself for us to talk about boys, food, sex, life, lit, litblog, Classics, music, rap, country, classical, art, djs, maps, legends, porn, buddhism, Christianity, obesity, childhood obesity epidemic, carpal tunnel syndrome, carpet kleener, chris ware’s genius, dan clowes’s, graphic novels, the nyt book review, the nyrb, salsa packets, drugs, lsd, “coke,” prevention, aids, safety, sanity (health), sanity (mental), sanity (like cleaning the house, chores), sports, disease, medicine, south america, brazil, spain, ‘splain (like “can you please explain what you mean”), sexual organs, other organs, “organ grinder” (heavy petting), organ grinder the real kind, carob chips, carob sauce, practice, perfect, makes, pampers, polvo, paper rad, pavement, paper rodeo, the anxiety of influence, the anxiety of affluence, the anxiety of marijuanafence, the anxiety of fraternies, egalites, libertes, the anxiety of “Writing,” the anxiety of Wine, wine is stupid, the anxiety of college, middle school, oceans, oceans 11, oceans 13, buncha other oceans, seaweed islands, li’l georgie clooney, li’l stevie soderbergh, li’l godardy, martha toomey, jazz, jazz-comedy, cecil taylor, cecil brown, cecil parker, everybody loves raymond, Dorothy Parker, James Baldwin, Hilton Als, everybody loves monopoly, everyone loves MoMA, Everybody Loves the Whitney (TV show), Marantz Mania, Kalup Linzey, BOMB magazine, Cabinet, Mildred’s Lane, I Ain’t Gonna Work on Mildred’s Lane No More (TV Show—IMDB link here), fame, Fame (film), A.D.D., Fripp, Eno, ADHD, MDMA, P.E.A.C.E., The A-Team, The B-Team, Cheerleaders’ denial of sex to the protagonist, The H-Team, Los Cranes, Zen Cranes, Zen Egrets, Zen cocks, Zen hens, zen henz, Theresa Heinz, Theresa “Mrs. 57” Heinz, Co-Ed Naked Field Hockey, “Here, let me help you out of  that ‘Co-Ed Naked Volleyball’ T-Shirt, cutie,” Swimming, Irony, Reed College, Barthelme, Barth, Beavis, Beefeatazz Feat. Old Purplonius, Ozomatli, Readerly Nudity, The Naked v. the Dead, Mailer v. Vollmann, Eggers v. Mailer, Didion v. Ephron, Spanikopita v. Kunkel, Gessen v. Arsenal, Hornby v. Frere-Jones, Ui v. Don Cab, Oxfard, Oxford, Oxferd, Oxfurd, Oxfird, Oxfyrd, Mr. Wonderful (film), Mr. Nice (link).