too busy to fail

been really burning the candle around the middle, both ends

no time for bloggin

female SFPD officer at Ritual Coffee reads the front section of the Chronicle in the late afternoon, seems peaceful

selected a pimento from the pail
bought a leaf from a tree
manouvered them so it seemed like  the pimento and the leaf were ‘doing it’

bought a porno mag, poured espresso all over it, threw it into the hearth

filled a bong with tea-tree oil and rose water, brought it with me on the ferry

wondered for a minute what renata adler looks like

joan didion in a speedboat

Wrote down a number on gold leaf

Composed an elegy in my head for a still-living friend. walking north on Valencia

be bop pa doo [snaps fingers, just kidding]

Filled the rice-cooker of my mind with quinoa and vegetable stock, pressed down the Cook Lever

Make sex joke to baby

Froze a cup of yogurt, took it out of the freezer, filmed it for an hour

Held up a microphone, pretended to interview the yogurt

“What’s the fuckin deal”

“Who’s to blame”

“Say that last part again”

Clicked on a bunch of women’s faces

Took a shower in the moonlight, ferrying Chinese food to my home

I can’t work anymore b/c i have to leave for the screening in a minute so I figured to get going on another “task” would be just

much frozen

yaks imbibe—
the dubious carrel
of the mind

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