In my deepening commitment to sound completely stoned at all times even though I am not stoned:

Seeing Animal Collective (as Avey Tare & Panda Bear) in a waterlogged basement in Oberlin, Ohio, in 2000 or 2001, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and then watching them get bigger over the years, playing stadiums… it naturally frames the decade for me. And aesthetically, they do feel representative of the “aughts”: the bending of form with the simultaneous deep commitment to pop; the use of electronics, samples, etc., with the simultaneous deep commitment to rock… the fetishization of fauna…

—”Mouseman Praetropica,” on Carrie Brownstein’s NPR “Monitor Mix” blog

[edited to how it should have been written before it was sent. Plarf noop kroppa tingles-shone skrappppt]

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  1. I remember we were all “hanging out” upstairs before the show and “Geologist” or whatever was like “let’s really make this the best fucking show of the tour” and I kinda thought he was being sincere, the other dudes murmured assent, there was pooled water on the floor of the basement but they plugged in their minidisc players and stuff anyway, first show I saw where there were minidisc players in effect, I thought the drummer was amazing, I thought the “arrangements” were amazing, I thought the “energy” was amazing, I didn’t mind the masks, I don’t think I was stoned… maybe it was that I had zero expectations goin in?? I had heard the album in matt marlin’s car en route to Cleveland once and thought “wha–?” but not in an impressed way, so that show came out of “nowhere for me,” kinda singed the old crew-cut for me.
    Oh well///etc

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