Language porridge,

alcohol cauldron,

dehydration history,

55-year-old woman at literary magazine party, lips pursed, thoughtful and sublime

drunk blogger abroad, brimful of self-loathing, each tooth a piece of video art broadcasting a private American history back to the motherteeth

British man wearing a t-shirt mocking class struggle, a Scottish novelist too politicized to appeal to an American novelist, an upper-class American too drunk to ever find work in the merchant marine–

MERCHANT MARINE: We’ll take you, you can maintain our website

DOUGHTY CRISP: Great! I’ll start this summer, first I have to go to my nephew’s opera in Tuscany

HAMBURGLER: Have you ever snorted heroin? I am the hamburgler.

In the Hague, they speak Dutch. In Antwerp, it’s rumored that they’ll speak Dutch. Two Americans talking passionately about comics for hours puzzles a short-haired Dutch woman. What could they be so interested in? What’s the appeal?

A tabby cat in Athens, Georgia listens to the sound of a dial-up modem learning to speak Arabic in the compost bin of a futuretimes EcoKFC

A placenta dresses up as Groucho Marx for Halloween

I am drunk

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