Eros and Pedagogy

Terrifying Internet weekend here. I can’t stop. This is the most intense it’s ever been. It’ll be the same thing today. This amusing James Wolcott blog post reintroduced me to Cristina Nehring, whom I hadn’t heard about since I gave a presentation in college inspired by her 2001 Harper’s piece “The Higher Yearning.” (In retrospect, it’s kind of weird that I gave that presentation in a class on “Teaching and Tutoring Writing Across the Disciplines.” If I weren’t two hundred pounds overweight at the time, I wonder if the professor would’ve interpreted it as a “warning signal” that I was sleeping with the students I was tutoring.) (I wasn’t.) ••• Speaking of “narcissism,” there’s no way to acknowledge this ego-bastingly lovely shout-out—from a real writer I read regularly with pleasure—without bringing the bad luck of the autoaggrandizement-aggregator upon my head. But I must acknowledge it; this is what the Internet is for. It’s now folded and tucked safely into the leather medicine bag that hangs round my neck.

2 thoughts on “Eros and Pedagogy

  1. i will never forget wos-her-nose’s realtime realization that it would…be…like…FINE…to sleep with my professors!!!!!!!!

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