I have a cold, this is a blog,

there’s work I’m supposed to be doing but I’m home sick, I have a cold, I’ve been clicking on lots of things, maybe I will go back to sleep soon, it’s 8 p.m., but rill quick just wanted to say

via @magicmolly I discovered the internet writing of Lauren Bans, who it seems like if I went home sick with my laptop more often I would have been a fan of hers for much much longer, instead of just tonight.

Two encounters with pop culture I’dĀ  had and forgotten about that Bans wrote about and made me happy to have encountered if only to appreciate her take more fully (I have a cold):

  1. I watched three-quarters of 200 Summers I mean 500 Days of Summer (approx. 375 Days of Summer, I guess) on a plane recently. We landed before it finished. Bans’s quick take (“emosogyny“) on the movie is awesome (but I wish she’d mentioned the Garden State/Shins scene, maybe it’s not as relevant as I want it to be)
  2. I was sitting in Atlas cafe the other morning with Gerhard Richter’s Daughters, Atlas has a weird selection of old magazines, and we were idly checking out GQ‘s profile of January Jones and I made a half-coherent unfunny observationĀ  that Bans makes doublecoherently and funnierly here, I am grateful, I have a cold

3 thoughts on “I have a cold, this is a blog,

  1. Whoa! I guess I haven’t commented in wordpress for a while. That avatar above is from when I participated in a compulsory blog in a college course about postcolonial literature. We talked about Coetzee raping the land. I thought I had closed that chapter.

  2. “Lauren Bans” also sounds like the beginning of a funny and cute sentence. “Lauren bans any mention of Lipshitz.” But it is a good internet writing place, I agree, as is this Molly’s, it seems, and of course Quilty’s here, and also…do I just like every website there is? Drew, do you notice the great silence seeping into our city? I think it is…affecting…me…

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