Spats, classroom death
—for deaf, read death—happily pretending to be a fly on an interior
wall of your intelligence

Shameful occlusions
Bitches abluted

a movie theater four-fifths full
Take it where you can get it
“New York nostalgia”

“American nostalgia”
Competitive douchebags,
but they’re your friends.

I’m as competitive as they are.
They’re really good at moving their way
in and out of an argument

especially when the argument is mine.
The more I criticize, the more my criticisms circle back around and attach
their talons to my Gore-Tex parka.

horrified in the tent,
Horrified in the forest,
horrified in a browser window

The anxiety of crapulence—
Pumas of the night v. Armies of the Night
A slice of French bread in Spain, eaten angrily—

A $10,000 cashier’s check, bemoaned by the great thinkers of our time,
gathered on a 7 train,
headed straight for you