Clickin on stuff I ended up reading about a woman I don’t know named Amelia’s trip to the doctor. Then I “closed the tab” and read the next thing 0pen in my browser, which was a woman I don’t know named Molly’s experience at the doctor’s!

UPDATE: I discovered this morning that two women I do know, both of whom live in San Francisco, and who[m) I don’t think know each other (though they surely know of each other), both have “food blogs” called “Weird Vegetables” !!!

  1. Kale Daikon
  2. Claudia

All I seem/want to do on this blog is talk about

a.) drugs

b.) how my brain has stopped working

c.) [things I’d write if I weren’t lazy/busy/lobotomized in bracketed italics indicating that this is where they’d go]



  1. giant multicolored oh well to you too if you think i’m working sunday because you didn’t do your work today!!

  2. don’t mistake these blog posts for a sign of me slacking. they’re blasts of steam runoff as I get things in order. All that’s left for me to do is get this fucker down to 80 pages, then it’s HED TIME

    then it’s “miller time”

    then it’s “miller crossing” on vhs

    then it’s suddenly susan

    1. the posts are the only thing that makes me think you’re closing in on a worklike state of mind. you’ve been doing more drugs this week than i did in the 90s. diffrence being i wasn’t in charge of time-sensitive highlyterarchurros. wait. i’m still not. where’s the baggie?

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