Bill Cotter live and in-person SF, CA 2/19

Bill Cotter, author of Fever Chart, will be headlining a McSweeney’s variety show at Amnesia Friday (FEBRUARY 19). He’ll be joined onstage by Starlee Kine and Stephen Elliott, plus Rob Reich and a pianist. Bill will not only be reading, but also slinging grilled cheese sandwiches  à la Jerome Coe (the protagonist of Fever Chart). Invite friends. There’s no cover from 6–9PM. There will be beer. Come support Bill!

And if you live on the Peninsula, come see Bill read on Thursday, February 18 at M is for Mystery. Accompanying him will be Eli Horowitz, Peter Orner, and “Stoner and Self-Appointed Saint” Annie LaGanga.

I’m about halfway through Fever Chart and it’s amazing. I’m not “just saying that.” The Wells Tower blurb on the back isn’t an exaggeration. It’s a ripping yarn, and there are so many “dope” sentences. It’s real sentency — there’s some Lishy or like Barry Hannahy or Edistoey or even Wells Towery close attention to language and appreciation 0f the music of talk, blah blah I hate myself, but it’s also a violent, druggy, funny, desperate, Buscemily ripping yarn. This is my blog. Shades of Denis Johnson, too, to be sure. Anyway, I’m super impressed by it and I imagine the sandwiches will be legit, too. Come. Repost. Etc.