Familiar Feelings

At work on a Sunday, having been at work on a Saturday, having etc. Not complaining. Possibly burned out, but not complaining. Entire body sore. A healthy sun-baked cousin to a headache echoes hours after running 8 miles. To the ballpark and back. I’ve returned to Hal Higdon. I haven’t had coffee in about a week. This is my personal webdiary. Lack of coffee kinda kills the blog impulse. A friend “stole” a line for a story from a blog post I wrote. The story is now to be published in a university-based literary journal. When I’m finished with my copy of the journal, I will mail it to the first person who guesses (in the comments section of this post) which line she “stole” (really, she asked permission). What a megalomaniacal contest! And so on. My tone. My library. I made hummus from Bittman. I was surprised to drop a tblsp. of paprika in there. I doubled the amt of garlic and lemon called for. I am a liar. There are several blogs that report on book culture, in the US and abroad. Animals don’t think of zoos as prisons, because animals don’t know what prisons are. They don’t really think at all, in the way you’re thinking of. I waited too long to pick up my copy of Emmanuel Bove’s My Friends from the SFPL so they threw it back into the stacks. The words loaves and loathes are similar, but that doesn’t mean you should hate bread. It does mean you should never eat meat or drink alcohol or do drugs ever again. It does mean you should never pay more than $11 for a haircut. Oh not this again. Soon he’ll be asking “readers” for suggestions of books about gentrification. Soon he’ll be like Victor Bâton, “without friends, without luggage.” A friend is bored so he’s likely moving back to San Francisco. What was wrong with the farm outside Santa Cruz? Didn’t they have the internet there? I know there are lots of yoga classes, but are there any classes in the Bay Area I can take where I learn how to shapeshift? Wouldn’t mind being a dog for an afternoon. Have I ever showed you this? Hahahahaha. I hope you’re feeling better. I liked Greenberg. I hope my email full of platitudes was of some use. I hope your banana fever subsides. Dear Emily, thanks for FedExing me the granola I liked! I hope you have fun at school tomorrow

5 thoughts on “Familiar Feelings

  1. I haven’t had Johnny in about a week. Lack of Johnny kind of kills the wig trade. Oh oh oh. Coffeesweats coffeepukes.

  2. I’m dying with curiosity about who you are, good jobbb. Especially since we both know Andrew Leland and you have me on your ‘blogroll’! I am adding you to my RSS reader. I know it’s not as satisfying.

  3. Hi Maria! I’m Andrew’s eccentric aunt Bethany!!!!!!! I am professor of Herbal Literature at SUNY-Binghamton. I drank coffee today and yesterday. 😀 (emoticon)

  4. “laziness and fear are seasoned with the same dessicated, juicy crystals”
    Just kidding, I cannot enter this contest.

    Actually I want to steal everything
    “I hope your banana fever subsides” “a healthy sun-baked cousin”
    Aunt Bethany you are so smart and talented!!!!!

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