“fuck you”

Deb pondered the irony—maybe it was irony. Was it merely an “inversion”?—that the “important” things — economics, politics, war — were boring to read about, while “unimportant” things — fluff pieces in the health press, pop trivia, rock journalism — were really fun to read. Was this the same principle that made exercise difficult, that made undressed raw kale salads disgusting? Could she train herself to enjoy hard political reporting the same way she’d trained herself to crave the “healthy feeling” she got from working out and eating raw kale salads? She decided to masturbate for half an hour and then buy a subscription to The Economist. Her laptop’s battery was dead.

Excerpted from Thesis Bunnies, a collection of “humorous experimental erotica” forthcoming from Bounces Press (Northampton, MA).

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  1. “fuck you” is the most exhilarating excerpt I’ve read all season. Could not put down my iPad touch, had to read “fuck you” straight through.

    The Unpaid Assessor

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