“Selfyeast of spirit a dull dough sours.”

Lots of aimless/internal fuck yous today. Steer clear, dude!

TechKorner! Earlier this week I began using Google Reader; sloughing off time like it’s dead skin; there’s a whole little underwater universe of nerds sharing things; I had no idea. It feels like BioDome in there. Articles get blasted in the dome’s shitty/awesome flourescence; the shadows are imperceptible and huge. All of my friends and enemies are there, clicking on each other, sharing New Republic articles, giving one other backrubs.

This morning I got all excited about iTunes shuffle creating eerie pop-music symmetries, and quickly chide [“chid”] myself. it’s all just shades of my own brain. like being surprised that LIPSYTE LISH and LUTZ are shelved together. Of course they are. “Visit the page you made”


Last night Gerhard Richter’s daughters read Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day” to me after I said I hated myself for the seventh time. That poem fucken cheered me up! Fair enough, see you soon