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thanks charl@VILLE for alerting me to my new perm. vacation:


and relatedly how could i’ve missed this acrylics video until now [PUNCTUATION NEEDED] [youtube=]

another digitally screwed unstoned turn: i mean no stone left unturned, was this guy, used to be now is I’m sure I’m getting that wrong but it’s about the most intentionally baffling thing, best thing, I’m sure there are links (IN THE CHAIN) i’m missing, an encrusted reference-necklace I don’t have enough lycheerupees to buy, but i need to clean the kitchen, I’m ruining my saturday night–

I’ve never been to Mexico. I might go soon! Please Let me know if you have any recommendations.

  1. woke up and went to  the bathroom
    this is an simple process of just standing near water and liquids fly from your genitals. simple remedies are aboundant .

2. went to the bathroom over and over again
it’s normal to pee and shit fifty or fifty-five times a morning. put rosemary in your potatoes to aid digestion. diahhrehea is not a disease, nor even a nuisance.  there is social stigman attached,  be sure to “remove-it”

  1. comedy flavor
    lots of ivy league grads go into comedy instead of finance, literature, or etc
    -=- if something bad happens, make a joke out of it
    -=- if you make a mistake, play it off like a joke

4. shave that shame off of your face with a RAZOR BLADE
It’s the green-tea enema of your generation

5. hardcore punk from the bakersfield, ca area
talk about cognitive dissonance! Dude, If anyone makes you feel bad about your breath, or your gas problem, just look them in the eye and listen. if you r eyes well up and  cry , ok. give them a gift next time you see them — check out this new anthology of “swinging swahili rhumba” from the 80s, maybe they would like that…

6. all your friends are drunk or on acid in new york city, making observations
are you kidding me? youth culture was invented to make money. it’s easy to drink beer and maintain a ripplin’ six-pack. it’s like the old jazzman who doesn’t practice anymore, because his gigs are his rehearsals: sleep yourself fitter