100% Fiction

The brain can’t have sex — you have to use a different organ. Take it from me: I’m a PhD in biology! But listen. “I’m done.” I know it isn’t Internet Season. The snow in California is qualitatively different — which is to say, “different” –than East Coast or even Mid-Western snow that sticks to your glasses and ignites a spark in the jug of coffee you’re hauling around in your gut. (Within a sweater, inside your jacket; college times.) But it’s never going to be Internet Season if I keep waiting for it.

There’s nothing cooler than being a security guard at the Whitney. Dream job, right? But maybe at a certain point it’s time to move on. The Rauchenbergs will only keep writhing in Psylocibic ecstacy for a decade or so before they finally flatten and hang dead, right? Of course there have been new acquisitions. The Neo Rauches look so fresh their reds seem painted in blood. And as a security guard I have unusual freedoms: I can tape postcards to the mirrors in the bathrooms. I’m allowed to edit the artworks’ wall text. I can design my own uniform. I’m more like a “security guard in residence.” But the thought recurs, with newly alarming frequency: Cheese wedges on a platter in the drowning ship’s cafeteria?


But it’s all cheese-colored parachutes, my friend, and they don’t stop moving. I know this. There’s no reason why teaching InDesign shortcuts to at-risk Shar Peis or pouring soy-milk foam into at-risk triple macchiatos is going to be better than being a security guard at the Whitney. Money is money, and so is time. But what about… I’m not sure what the intervening factor would be. Probably ego. Mine has more than a few Velcro pockets brimmin w/ the old, weird trinkets (: marijuana from 1995, a tiny perfect wooden sphere, the artist Tom Friedman‘s Hammacher-Schlemmer Best Nose-Hair Trimmer, an unread copy of John Fante’s Ask the Dust...)

I might try to rejigger my role within the museum — I could relinquish my guarding duties and just work on the wall-text and bathroom postcards full-time. But but but but. That’s more than likely the answer. The challenges would be recharged and I’d have time, probably, to really make that wall-text sing. But today it’s a lot more fun to imagine laying my billy-club and taser and oversized plastic cool-guy glasses on the Membership desk with firm, respectful authority, and stride stridently into the Upper East Side of my life, totally fearless and nude, zero prospects, zero confidence, the air between the buildings filled with absolute columns of pure windchimes. Right???

And then immediately regret it for the rest of my life. I’d return to the museum a month later and the security guards are all cool and new. They’re smoking some sort of health-food opiate that increases abdominal toning and sexual stamina. I stand there for ten minutes, watching them copulate hotly inside of a new Tim Hawkinson body-machine. I’m holding my supplies for the day in a plastic bag: greasy old New Yorker, mealy apple,  first-generation iPhone I bought off a cyber-hobo outside the subway. I am doomed.

Lemme know your thoughts when you have a sec.

6 thoughts on “100% Fiction

  1. What do you want us to say? What would you have us say? “I’m a novelist, I have five daughters, it’s great, I recommend it”? “Don’t do it, the Second Great Depression is coming and you don’t have the intellectual firepower you’ll need to write the kind of hard-hitting sociological fiction that can actually feed your five daughters?” “I am starting a traveling repertory theater with the founding members of Paper Rad, the producers of You Can’t Do That on Television, and Gordon Lish, and we’d love for you to join us to play the role of ‘Mournful Jewish John Leguizamo Narrator #2; you will receive a $20,000 stipend for every tour you participate in”? I don’t know.

  2. I never realized until today that “shar peis” is just one letter short of being an anagram for “penis rash”

  3. Sharpies
    A Reships
    Heap Sirs
    Phrase Is
    Seraph Is
    Phrases I
    Seraphs I
    Shape Sir
    Heaps Sir
    Phase Sir
    Rhea Sips
    Rhea Piss
    Rhea Psis
    Hear Sips
    Hear Piss
    Hear Psis
    Hare Sips
    Hare Piss
    Hare Psis
    Hears Sip
    Hears Psi
    Hears Pis
    Shear Sip
    Shear Psi
    Shear Pis
    Share Sip
    Share Psi
    Share Pis
    Hares Sip
    Hares Psi
    Hares Pis
    Rheas Sip
    Rheas Psi
    Rheas Pis
    Shares Pi
    Rashes Pi
    Shears Pi
    Ashes Rip
    Rape Hiss
    Pare Hiss
    Reap Hiss
    Pear Hiss
    Pears His
    Parse His
    Pares His
    Spare His
    Reaps His
    Rapes His
    Spear His
    Spares Hi
    Parses Hi
    Passer Hi
    Sparse Hi
    Spears Hi
    Are Ships
    Era Ships
    Ear Ships
    Sera Ship
    Sera Phis
    Sera Hips
    Sear Ship
    Sear Phis
    Sear Hips
    Eras Ship
    Eras Phis
    Eras Hips
    Ears Ship
    Ears Phis
    Ears Hips
    Ares Ship
    Ares Phis
    Ares Hips
    Sears Hip
    Sears Phi
    Ah Spires
    Ah Prises
    Ha Spires
    Ha Prises
    Apish Res
    Hap Sires
    Hap Rises
    Haps Rise
    Haps Ires
    Haps Sire
    Hasp Rise
    Hasp Ires
    Hasp Sire
    Hasps Ire
    Rah Spies
    Rah Pises
    Rash Pise
    Rash Pies
    Ash Prise
    Ash Pries
    Ash Piers
    Ash Spire
    Has Prise
    Has Pries
    Has Piers
    Has Spire
    Sash Pier
    Sash Ripe
    Pair Shes
    Pairs She
    Pairs Hes
    Saris Hep
    Pa Shires
    Par Shies
    Rap Shies
    Pars Hies
    Spar Hies
    Raps Hies
    Rasp Hies
    Spars Hie
    Rasps Hie
    Spa Hires
    Spa Heirs
    Spa Shier
    Spa Shire
    Pas Hires
    Pas Heirs
    Pas Shier
    Pas Shire
    Sap Hires
    Sap Heirs
    Sap Shier
    Sap Shire
    Asp Hires
    Asp Heirs
    Asp Shier
    Asp Shire
    Pass Heir
    Pass Hire
    Spas Heir
    Spas Hire
    Asps Heir
    Asps Hire
    Saps Heir
    Saps Hire
    As Perish
    As Reship
    A Hep Sirs
    A Her Sips
    A Her Piss
    A Her Psis
    A Hers Sip
    A Hers Psi
    A Hers Pis
    A She Rips
    A Hes Rips
    A Shes Rip
    A Rep Hiss
    A Per Hiss
    A Reps His
    A Press Hi
    A Re Ships
    A Res Ship
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    Ah Rep Sis
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    Ah Re Sips
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    Ah Res Sip
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    Ha Rep Sis
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    Ha Press I
    Ha Re Sips
    Ha Re Piss
    Ha Re Psis
    Ha Res Sip
    Ha Res Psi
    Ha Res Pis
    Hap Re Sis
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    Haps Re Is
    Haps Res I
    Hasp Re Is
    Hasp Res I
    Hasps Re I
    Ash Rep Is
    Ash Per Is
    Ash Reps I
    Ash Re Sip
    Ash Re Psi
    Ash Re Pis
    Ash Res Pi
    Has Rep Is
    Has Per Is
    Has Reps I
    Has Re Sip
    Has Re Psi
    Has Re Pis
    Has Res Pi
    Sash Rep I
    Sash Per I
    Sash Re Pi
    Pa Eh Sirs
    Pa He Sirs
    Pa Her Sis
    Pa Hers Is
    Pa She Sir
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    Pa Re Hiss
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    Par Eh Sis
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    Par She Is
    Par Hes Is
    Par Shes I
    Rap Eh Sis
    Rap He Sis
    Rap She Is
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    Rap Shes I
    Pars Eh Is
    Pars He Is
    Pars She I
    Pars Hes I
    Spar Eh Is
    Spar He Is
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    Raps Eh Is
    Raps He Is
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    Raps Hes I
    Rasp Eh Is
    Rasp He Is
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    Rasp Hes I
    Spars Eh I
    Spars He I
    Rasps Eh I
    Rasps He I
    Spa Eh Sir
    Spa He Sir
    Spa Her Is
    Spa Hers I
    Spa Re His
    Spa Res Hi
    Pas Eh Sir
    Pas He Sir
    Pas Her Is
    Pas Hers I
    Pas Re His
    Pas Res Hi
    Sap Eh Sir
    Sap He Sir
    Sap Her Is
    Sap Hers I
    Sap Re His
    Sap Res Hi
    Asp Eh Sir
    Asp He Sir
    Asp Her Is
    Asp Hers I
    Asp Re His
    Asp Res Hi
    Pass Her I
    Pass Re Hi
    Spas Her I
    Spas Re Hi
    Asps Her I
    Asps Re Hi
    Saps Her I
    Saps Re Hi
    As Eh Rips
    As He Rips
    As Hep Sir
    As Her Sip
    As Her Psi
    As Her Pis
    As Hers Pi
    As She Rip
    As Hes Rip
    As Rep His
    As Per His
    As Reps Hi
    As Re Ship
    As Re Phis
    As Re Hips
    As Res Hip
    As Res Phi
    Ass Eh Rip
    Ass He Rip
    Ass Her Pi
    Ass Rep Hi
    Ass Per Hi
    Ass Re Hip
    Ass Re Phi

  4. No, I like Spa Shire. It can be the sister luxury compound to the D&D B&B I’m going to make.

  5. Quilty, agreeeeeeeeed. (Move on over here, we’ll start a Neil & Chelsea B&B.) Neil, AGREED. Chelsea, agreed&agreed. This one is longer, while still maintaining the asp principle:


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