I’m cleaning out my email “drafts” folder, where memos to myself often get recorded and then lost forever. So here are some things for internal use only that I don’t want to forget. I have absolutely no idea what many of them are referring to; these entries have been marked with a [??]

  1. Shandong, 10th and webster in Oakland. vegan dumpling, knife-cut noodles
  2. eddie current suppression ring
  3. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQVqNq1W8dg]
  4. [vimeo 447160]
  5. tiffany
    anna paquin [??]
  6. twin peaks
    aqua teen
    kenneth anger [??]
  7. Tom Noonan’s THE WIFE and/or WHAT HAPPENED WAS
  8. Nancy Newhall’s 1952 essay on the caption in Aperture (“The Caption: The Mutual Relation of Words and Photographs”)
  9. cute story [??]
  10. ayurvedic medicine
  11. john lilly
    risible figure in 80s omni mag
    50s progenitor of dolphin intelligence [??]
  12. guilt about not standing up for injustice, but also celebrating the kind of apolitical love of beauty that helene wnated [sic] [??]
  13. “Hall believed in some kind of mystical benefit of enemas…and at the end of his life he became addicted to them…It sounds pretty stupid, and it was…and it was this foolish side of those self-taught, self-adopted metaphysic ideas that cost Hall his life.” [????]
  14. http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15355275
  15. sutherland [??]
  16. – tent
    – sleeping bag
    – Sleeping pads – Ridgerest or thermarest
    – tarp
    – extra flashlight?
    – non-cotton socks
    – warm hat
    – maybe some kind of non-ceramic camping bowl or mug, whatever
    – extra big bottle(s) of water
    – TP, Wet Ones?
    – bottle of bulleit bourbon
    – lunches for (sunday)/monday/tues/wed/thus + snacks
    – 1-2 loaves of bread
    – pb/j
    – cheez
    – nuts and dried fruit
    – pre-ground coffee
    – etc
    – headlamp
    – blanket or pad for the dog
    – Pillows
    – sunblock
    – that bag of pot?
    – warm clothes
    – bowls, mugs, utensils
    – water bottle
    – hikey shoes
    – dog
    – dog food
    – water dish
    – biodegradable shitbags