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Most of us consider it a virtue to maintain our principles in the face of social pressure, but in the involuted world of gourmet morals, constancy is rudeness. One must never spoil a dinner party for mere religious or ethical reasons. Pollan says he sides with the French in regarding “any personal dietary prohibition as bad manners.” (The American foodie is forever projecting his own barbarism onto France.) Bourdain writes, “Taking your belief system on the road—or to other people’s houses—makes me angry.” The sight of vegetarian tourists waving away a Vietnamese pho vendor fills him with “spluttering indignation.”

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  1. I don’t think abstention = “booing”! or are you saying that the “foodie” feels threatened by the abstainer, and mistakes their nonjudgemental abstention from the delicious fondue they prepared as a “boo”, even though it’s etc
    or am I misunderstanding yr analogy

    1. I’m pretty sure in Chelsea’s analogy Myers is the booer, and that she’s saying he needn’t peek through his fingers in horror, juiced up on indignation, if he really can’t stand what he’s seeing (but not tasting). He’s pretty funny, you have to admit, knocking foodies’ ‘half-understood evolutionary theory’ before suggesting, without citing anything, that current ‘Anthropological research’ shows early man to be blah blah blah which in turn makes factory farming equipment the ‘hideous paraphernalia of subjugation’. Titled a ‘Moral Crusade’ his position is hardly non-judgemental. His targets are people I find revolting myself, only I’m not certain it’s not just because of my own prudishness.

  2. Sorry. I’m sorry about that. People say about me ‘he just doesn’t get it’ and ‘he needs to get over himself’, so….. You know.


  3. hi adam! don’t be so hard on yourself!!
    I don’t think myers is the boo-er, because I feel that the critic is always invited to the “concert” — that is, any published book is fair game for an (even-handed, thoughtful) critical engagement. And when the books in question actively mock or deplore the critic’s moral choices… then I think it’s a “concert” he’s not remiss in “attending”!

    (but I, like you, “just don’t get it” and also “need to get over [myself].”

    I also don’t know “which” adam you are — anonymous internet adam? adam I am friends with in real life?
    but ohhhhok!

  4. I wish Chelsea would come back and clear up the whole mess. I am anonymous internet Adam. (Though I know a real life fellow who may be a pal of yours, a certain Mr. R. Parks…)

    Also, I would very much like to know what version of Stuff Like That There that is on Paparazzo 2 if you get a chance.

    merci mille fois

  5. Hi anonymous internet Adam! I recently watched a video of a certain Mr. R. Parks pickling jalapeños in Oakland. Highly recommended.

    The version of “Stuff Like That There” you hear on Season 1 Ep. 2 of Paparazzo is by Sun Ra. It’s available on “The Second Stop is Jupiter” compilation– looks like there’s a streamin mp3 here.

    Chelsea is the best.

    Wait — so are you!!!

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