Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey. I’m a part of this thing tomorrow. I’m up first. It’s “an evening After Dark event at the Exploratorium this Thursday, March 3rd from 6 – 10 p.m. It’s the public portion of a conference called  Art as a Way of Knowing.”

Exploratorium After Dark: While You Were Sleeping

“The best way to see stars is to look a little to one side.”
—James Schuyler

Tonight’s offerings employ the world of night and its metaphors to explore the gray area between knowing and not knowing. Through whale song and bunk bed conversation, we investigate the otherworldly and ephemeral dimensions of experience.


A film with live musical accompaniment by David Wilson of the Museum of Jurassic Technology in collaboration with Æ (“ash”)

A Bunk Bed Conversation presented by Cabinet magazine with scholars Graham Burnett and Jeff Dolven

A museum-wide enactment of Allan Kaprow’s Perfect Bed

Writer/Editor Andrew Leland on night blindness

Blackrain, a film with live sound mix by Semiconductor

A special, continuous performance of Eric Satie’s Vexations

A humpback whale song composition created by independent curator Chris Fitzpatrick, composer Thomas Dimuzio, and NOAA cetacean acoustics expert Dave Mellinger
A night raga performed by acclaimed composer and musician Rita Sahai

Hope you can make it. I am still working on it and it’s already WEDNESDAY!! FUCK-cetera

Sad news: Open City magazine closed.

The SF Public Library website has a feature where you can save titles for later. Seems obvious but I’ve been returning so many books unread, mostly because I just impulse-request them when I think of them — but then you have to give them back! Anyway, there are just three titles on my list:

  1. Teitlebaum’s window / Wallace Markfield. [I’m sad to miss this NYC event; remind me when the Cohen/Failure issue of the RCF is out!]
  2. The professor’s house by Willa Cather. Just got recommended real real hard one day. Gotta read it. Probably should add A High Wind in Jamaica while I’m at it…
  3. The city & the city / China Miéville. Just added this morning on the strength of Elif Batuman’s recommendation.

I’d love to write more about books I’ve never read but it’s time to make tomorrow night not a disaster. Did I tell you I’m moving to Missouri this summer? Let’s catch up soon.


Q.P.F. Chang