Bad jokes

trailed a forge behind the boat

The simplicity of a terrible trio of novellas

The harm that comes from a bright, stoned teenager writing rape jokes into his poems

The harm that comes from the rape glinting in the eyes of my neighbor as his teenage son blah blah whatever, remember that time?

The face of the train as it waits for you to finish reading her poem

The paws of the bear curled around a chunky ceramic mug filled with pipin hot chamomile-

My boss’s kitchen festooned with upsidedown dried sage and blowsy old garlic heads, too sweet!

Back hair neck rub, peroxide on petroleum jelly nut heat lip fan. Periodontal christmas, scowling and impressed at Nick’s wedding-

I swear to fucking god I thought that was a dude’s corduroy elbow, it was a bassinet.

Haptic and cool, B-side rarity, vegan whitefish salad on my blog, which is called Good Jobbbbb, you know just a place on the web where I can blow of steam and not worry about clogging up your Facebook feed — just my spot, you know? A place for sweatshop-free Diet Dr. Peppers and handjobs till noon — tugjobs. Blowsy free porn vids

Trick or treat! Dad’s poem.

How many Scottish rape jokes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: Mitt Romney

Q: What’s Todd Akin’s definition of “legitimate rape”?

A: Fetal Infant Syndrome