Notes from Around the Web

Lots of great stories from around the web to tell you about:

  • Alan Treet on the carbuncle that Hamish Hamilton wants for Boxing Day [Capital]
  • Farnoosh Ko on women’s hats and men’s hats and agriculture [Lathe]
  • Paul Rec on coffee diuretic economics and “Apple Watch” [NextOne]
  • Samantha Broingnès on the Bard College MFA program and the seven poets you can’t afford not to have recently read (including wonderful, extensive quotations from one poet in particular, whose name eludes me, after which I apprehended their name, at which point it escaped me. The poet’s name then squared off gently against me; a sympathetic novice on the judo mat. We coincidentally winked at each other — simultaneously. The poem is called “Garibaldi’s Promise” and what it does is press John Ashbery (and his legacy) very, very gently against certain hashtags from the Occupy movement until they yield what the reader must know they must yield. Highly Recommended!) [Literary Nests]
  • Caleb Payne-Sawyer on Rupert Murdoch, Moloch, Alan Greenspan, Iraq, Isis, Oats, Oates, and “The Israel School of Economics, where Mick Jagger didn’t go” [The Times of Brunswick]
  • Gerry Nayman on “The Clickthroughpocalypse” [The Mediums]
  • New fiction from Caren Bream (“Hate”) and Linda Yarbo (“Crane Peach Predator”) [The Iowan Quarterly]
  • A wonderful roundup of essential links from around the web — which might have unconsciously inspired this one! — from Carlotta Breast-Moulk [WSJF]
Beautiful tree in rime on the background of blue sky
Beautiful tree in rime on the background of blue sky

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  1. You missed several important links. I’ll send them later when I manage to get a few seconds of ‘free time’. I guarantee you’ll be happy to have them. Really the inside dope, the real thing. They should put you on the right track.

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