This is a page where I will link to future events and appearances, and archive old ones if they are not too humiliating.


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The Country of the Blind: a Memoir at the End of Sight, my book about the world of blindness — and finding my place in it — is forthcoming from Penguin Press. You can pre-order a copy here.

A roundtable discussion I moderated with four blind and low-vision artists was the cover story of Art in America magazine’s October 2022 Disability Issue.

“DeafBlind Communities May Be Creating a New Language of Touch,” a web feature I wrote for the New Yorker, won the 2023 Journalism Award from the Linguistic Society of America.

I wrote a feature for the New York Times Magazine about the controversy surrounding a TV show that cast a sighted actress in a blind role, and how it lead me to reconsider the ways in which people β€” blind, sighted, or, like me, somewhere in between β€” perform disability, and what blindness is supposed to look like.

I wrote about Joe Frank and experimental public radio for the New York Review Daily.

I wrote an essay, “The ADA-Compliant Elevator of Literature,” about accessibility and writing, for McSweeney’s 64, and an essay about visual art and blindness, “Self-Portrait in an Open Medicine Cabinet,” for Mcsweeney’s 50.

I started an email newsletter that I have never and possibly will never use to send any emails.

I have written other things, mostly criticism and essays, for a variety of other publications. Links to these occasionally appear amid my punishingly banal observations on Twitter.


I interviewed John Lee Clark about his (superb) new poetry collection, How to Communicate, for the New Yorker Radio Hour.

I reported a story about disability and space travel for Radiolab. For the story, I got to fly on the “vomit comet,” a.k.a. a parabolic zero-g airplane, along with a group of aspiring disabled astronauts (with a tiny microphone taped to my forehead).

I was the senior producer on issue 64 of McSweeney’s,
“the Audio Issue” (for which I also wrote an essay, called “The ADA-Compliant Elevator of Literature”). More information on that issue is available here.

I produced an episode of 99 Percent Invisible about blindness and reading called β€œThe Universal Page.”

Between 2013 and 2019, I hosted and produced 107 episodes of the Organist, an arts-and-culture podcast from KCRW and the Believer/McSweeney’s. In the final season, I produced a few episodes that took a more personal turn, which lead me toward writing about disability, which I now do quite a bit. These include episodes about blindness and narrative form, Stevie Wonder truthers, and art and illness.