Email Newsletter (via _Elf)

Found a Kabbala elf holding a mirrored plate with these tweet drafts written on it in a looping dry erase script:

  • Angel anus breathe life into cane shape
  • Proper power journalist repo cower the lane stack
  • Flip foam pate  climbs rowers nit cap
  • dish whips stint at t Rowe price episode attacksin Cambridge
  • Stable ploughframe’s caballish charter state: “Gorman”
  • Fri sat release hour cancelled for lack of weak peener
  • Oh thank god
  • Surreal sculpture made by low vision’s limiting attention to detail: objects lose context. A zebra stripe airplane neck pillow ruts with a ponytail in a mound of sweatshirt cotton that contains human passenger but I don’t see real evidence of human passenger.
  • Tough guy clearly so in love with his 10 year old son and vice versa. Their Pretty mom smiles at me as I stand in aisle waiting for the lavatory. Is she smiling with some sympathy? Why do I elicit a sympathetic smile? Because she reads my mind, that her son might not leave the lavatory very clean? Is he a wild pisser? Bathroom is clean. Kid is competent & has a beautiful mom and a tough, adoring father
  • I thought it was coffee but now I only have
  • re miscarriage of justice: pls describe healthy/ normal justice-birth
  •  non visual metaphor // Blind metaphor
  • Jack is the kind of person who journalists represent faithfully: he’s a nonfiction person (tape)
  • I made an oaf
  • Wild oats gather in a carriage return as the water boils
  • Really great free meditation app except it plays an ad halfway through meditation session
  • I think your unreflective compulsive eating is at odds w your ostensively (ostensibly, obstetrically) sensitive writing
  • The porky nyctalops
  • A shy (shitty) little bromide
  • Ape shit Agnes varda brand combo sunscreen granola. Slathered
  • Onions shimmer
  • Franks red hot opens itself up to questions
    A suggestive breeze, a suggestive bird, a suggestive wine
  • Urge to just pour the rest of th granola into the coffee
  • Use visibility cane more when high. “Do you need assistance?” “No, I’m just very high” (or “yes, I’m v…”)
  • Woman in coffee bean and tea leaf staring thru window into blazing light has the lower part of her face and neck cast in bright gray shadow– for a moment I saw her as a dazzled and dazzling bearded trembling gnome, slender and staring with alarm at the beauty of bleecker
  • Poem about urgent need to deselect an elevator button
  • tinnitus flower
  • looked at his face expectantly
  • listened to what she was saying
  •  emotionally important story
  • i was all like why does it feel so good and delicious in here all of a sudden and then I was like ah I’m eating a cookie
  • girl typing with two thumbs on a pb&j like it was a blackberry (j)
    lydia lunch on expensive studio monitors
  • my reply to casey: “lately i’ve been groovin on a cocktail of spousal love + the pomodoro technique
  • I often feel the way Sarah Jessica Parker sounded when she guest-hosted the Leonard Lopate Show today. Particularly the Dexter Filkins segment.
  • NPR quiz show where instead of kk’s voice on the home answering machine you win an obituary of yr life written by christopher leman Haupt and ready for pub whenever you die
  • Burped up a hotdog from 20 years ago
  • wait you’re not supposed to want the world handed to you on a silver platter?
    does tao lin have an mfa?
  • rebranding marlon Brando
  • Re john Kerry’s “counterpart in Russia” (cf Crimea): where’s ( or who’s ) MY Russian counterpart? (probably named derrick spatzkin)
  • Mon. 1/27
    Tech. 1/28
    2 am
  • Had dinner I mean lunch w F. and Francine. His pants almost fell down on street. Francine didn’t want to help him. I hung back. He asked me who my mom was a few times. Wanted to talk about Sean. Kept saying when he saw me I looked familiar