Hey All,

Quick heads’ up letting you know that Eve Ensler is going to be coming through the office this afternoon, so Jared if you could deconstruct your little cup-fortress, and Bethany maybe put away the vintage Walkman for an hour, that would be great. Also James please I’m sorry but I’d like you to make an effort to try to not be rocking autistically back and forth while you write flash fiction waiting for the suppliers to return your calls — I’m fine with you writing flash fiction in the office, you clearly get the job done on time and I’m at least partially convinced that writing flash fiction in the office allows you to blow off steam and probably increases your productivity, if anything — but the autistic rocking and chewing and humming that you do when you write fiction will be strange-looking for someone who’s not used to ourĀ  office culture.

If anyone’s interested, Eve and I will be going out for “Tapas” in the early evening, and all are welcome. Jack, maybe you could play a little music, the Weezer album everyone’s been enjoying? I don’t want Eve Ensler to walk into a librarylike tomb when she visits us — do you?

Thanks. And let’s all consider having a group orgy this weekend — with protection, of course!

STD-free in ’93,