Debith Failea

  • [idiotic observation about the word jump]
  • Porfirio would be a good name for a cat.
  • “The growing ubiquity of e-readers could unleash latent demand for nonvisual pornography.” I’M ON IT
  • No one told me that Darius Rucker had his own entry on Wikipedia…
  • I feel like eating a bread salad. By which I mean I mean eating your face off
  • Talking Heads are a didactic band. Their album and songs titles tell you what to do. They know what’s good for you: Stop making sense. Remain in light. Stay hungry.


ITALIAN GENIUS: Use your fucking brain.

DUTCH GENIUS: I don’t feel like it. I’d rather use… my arms [they embrace]

ITALIAN GENIUS: [His face mashed into the DUTCH GENIUS‘s shoulder, not without affection] You’re such … a freaking… murmbrling…

DUTCH GENIUS: Love is painful, no?

ITALIAN GENIUS: Yeah. And music is popular. What’s fer dinner?

DUTCH GENIUS: I made rabbits.

ITALIAN GENIUS: Great! My paunch is as empty as your head, dummy. Let’s eat!

DUTCH GENIUS: They’re still stewing.

ITALIAN GENIUS: God, you’re a dummy. A beautiful dummy. [Pouting. Whole face a droopy vector down. Begins crying. On a screen behind them a film is projected: New York City in the early nineties. Pizzerias, trees, fire hydrants, marijuana cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes, brownstones, sedans, moustaches, skinny jeans, receipts on little plastic dishes, piled under change.]

DUTCH GENIUS: Isn’t it fabulous that the word where contains the word here?

Doc + Meatyard

LITTLE CRAZY KID LOOKS LIKE HE’S OUT OF A MEATYARD: Ah feel crazy ah don’t know what’s wrong!!!

DOCTOR: Are you ashamed of the silence?

LI’L MEATYARD: [Referring to how much he’s paying the doctor per hour] Well, hell, it sure is expensive silence

DOCTOR: But silence is good, Li’l Meatyard. “Silence is golden,” right?

LI’L MEATYARD: That’s what makes it so ‘spensive! Cos it’s made outta gold! Anyhow, listen to this: I almost passed out tonight

DOCTOR: Drugs?

LI’L MEATS: Nope! I was all overheated from runnin up the hill wearing my coat even though the weather’d turned warm–man these carrots taste healthy and good — and I rushed inside to pee and farted while I was peeing and then the next thing I know I’m leanin against the wall dizzy as a beaver feelin the nightmare head-rush “uh-oh” feeling more powerful than memory!

DOCTOR: Damn. Maybe you should take it easy tonight.

KID: Maybe I should!

DOCTOR: Like, instead of the beefy Bloody Mary and the Savory Marijuana Frittata you’d planned, you might just…

DOCTOR and KID [in unison]: Eat an onion like it was an apple? [They are both astonished at the synchrony.]